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Submitted on
January 12


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Hey there, everyone!

Recently my partner and I squeezed in a tiny not-quite-a-wedding ceremony between traveling from one convention and another to celebrate our 12+ years together in the our now accepting home state of Maine.  (Yay, Marriage equality!)  It was small, something we've been wanting to do for years, and we're happy we did it.

I’d like to make up for the lack of and actual wedding-type celebration with one kick butt honeymoon--and this is where we hope you can help!

Read our sappy story here:  

I want to take my new wife to Emerald City Comic Con in March. I want to go to a convention strictly for fun and enjoy the sights and sounds of a city--without any work worries.  

Since we opened the business seven years ago, we’ve done over 150 shows in 18 different states. Just the two of us, making all our merch, raking up the miles.

And I'd love a little break. I’d love some time with my wife. I’d love to be at a con as a raging fan, not a business owner. I want to drink too much coffee not because the work hours are outrageous, but because I’m having too much fun to sleep. I want to geek out.  :D

If everyone reading this donated even just $10, we’d be well on our way to achieving this once in a lifetime dream. But this won’t happen without a little help from our friends. :)

If you can help us by donating, we’ve put together a donation pool here [now with thank you prizes!]:

If you can't donate [anything helps--honest!], then please consider sharing our story and a link to our donation page with your friends. :)

Thank you so much for reading and for your help. We seriously do love making you all smile, and I hope you'll considering doing the same for us.

Warm hugs from the frozen tundra of Maine,
- Kit & neko

TeenTitans4Evr Jan 12, 2014  Professional Filmographer
We took Burt Ward to the Gotham City Diner:
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